YRC Freight Supervisor-Freight Billing in Bloomington, California


The Supervisor – Freight Billing will provide ongoing training to existing ASD employees and certify New Hires. Preform local audits to ensure quality performance and accountability of data entry. Supervise the daily shutdown/closeout process of the RASD Center.


  1. Determine labor needs and coordinate the correct staffing and manpower for the expected billing volume for the day.

  2. Provide feedback to the team regarding the audit team’s feedback and go over errors during feedback sessions.

  3. Handel exceptions for review and monitor activity throughout shift.

  4. Train, supervise, coach and develop the ASD staff to achieve their performance objectives and to produce quality results

  5. Develop/Perform local audit process to ensure quality of data.

  6. Monitor and obtain established productivity standard for bill entry.

  7. Acts as an ASD workflow coordinator between the RASD site and the origin terminals.

  8. Other duties which may be assigned. Management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time.


  1. Coaching and Developing Others - Providing feedback, instruction, and development guidance to help others excel in their current or future job responsibilities; planning and supporting the development of individual skills and abilities.

  2. Compelling Communication - Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups; communicating in a focused and compelling way that captures and holds others’ attention.

  3. Decision Making - Identifying and understanding problems and opportunities by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative information; choosing the best course of action by establishing clear decision criteria, generating and evaluating alternatives, and making timely decisions; taking action that is consistent with available facts and constraints and optimizes probable consequences.

  4. Earning Trust - Gaining others’ confidence by acting with integrity and following through on commitments while disclosing own positions; treating others and their ideas with respect and supporting them in the face of challenges.

  5. Execution -Ensuring others contribute to organization strategies by focusing them on the most critical priorities, measuring progress, and ensuring accountability against those metrics.

  6. Facilitating Change - Encouraging others to implement better approaches to address problems and opportunities; leading the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace.

  7. Resolving Conflict - Helping others deal effectively with an antagonistic situation to minimize damage to the relationships and promote shared goals; using appropriate interpersonal methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people and facilitate agreement


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational background or work experience.

  2. Previous supervisory experience.

  3. Experience in the transportation industry.

  4. Effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

  5. Experience using MS Office applications (Word, Outlook, and Excel).


  1. Three (3) years of supervisory experience

  2. Familiarity with Union regulations and policies.


This job operates in a professional office environment indoors. Routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets, and fax machines.


The position requires the ability to spend long hours sitting or standing while using office equipment and computers. Ability to perform repetitive tasks such as typing and keying. Occasional lifting, pushing/pulling, carrying of 10 lbs of supplies and materials is required.

YRC Worldwide is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Minorities/Females/Persons with Disabilities/Protected Veterans

Title: Supervisor-Freight Billing

Location: CA-Bloomington

Requisition ID: 1701G0